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The best menu inspiration sources

I know you’ve been there…

You’re sitting down, menu planning for the week. You ask your family “what do you want to do this week?” and you get the same old answers. You flip through past menus and nothing sounds interesting. You cruise your Pinterest boards, but do you really need another recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich? (Although……… yes. I usually do.)

Looking to switch things up? Here is where I go when I’m feeling stuck in a rut.

Pinterest | Sometimes just searching “dinner” and seeing what pops up turns up an interesting meal. But often it shows you the same thing. I love cruising OTHER people’s boards to see what they have been pinning. My particular favorite is cruising the pins from Cookie + Kate (my fav food blogger) or seeing what my friends Come Home for Comfort and Polka-Dotty Place have pinned on our shared board New Recipes We Tried and Loved. There is always something delicious they have tried!

Food Bloggers | I don’t read food blogger blogs regularly, but I do jump on their sites when I need some new inspiration! One of my go-tos is Cookie + Kate, a vegetarian blog. She’s heavy on the Mexican flavors, which suits us just fine! Smitten Kitchen is another one that has delightful food. And then there is The Forest Feast! I often just browse her website because it’s gorgeous. But her food is delightful as well!

Cookbooks | I have my trusty go-to Fields of Greens! This is a cookbook from the chef at San Francisco’s Greens restaurant (which is amazing!) and some of my favorite recipes come from here, including a carmelized onion and goat cheese frittata. And if you’ve been following me on IG you know I’ve been loving my cookbooks from The Chubby Vegetarian.  Both books are good, but if I had to pick one, The Chubby Vegetarian cookbook has more variety of recipes. Some other go-to cookbooks are The French Market Cookbook, The Forest Feast, and the ever-helpful reference book The Joy of Cooking!

What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut? Any favorite cookbooks?


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  1. Whitney says:

    When I’m in a rut, I like to browse my mom or my sister’s Pinterest boards – they always pick the most delicious recipes. 🙂 I agree that you often see the same things over and over when you scroll Pinterest. I like to flip through some of my favorite cookbooks too, or I’ll go through my old recipe box from the pre-Pinterest days. 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Ah the ol’ recipe box! When I flip through there I often find a long-lost gem I forgot all about. I’ve been tempted to get a new recipe binder type thing to have on hand for when I print off recipes. There is something satisfying with flipping through a book or recipe box.

  2. Catherine Short says:

    You know how much I love Cookie + Kate. We aren’t vegetarian, but I prefer to eat less meat and more veggies + grains so her recipes suit me perfectly.

    I plan on taking one of Phoenix’s naps this week and going through my cookbooks. It’s easy for me to go on Pinterest but I forget about all of the recipes I’ve bookmarked in actual books. ha.

  3. Leslie - This is For Keeps says:

    Pinterest is definitely my favorite source for recipes. We’ve been focusing on eating better meals in our house this year and I’ve been on the lookout for new recipes. I am going to follow your tried and true board!

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