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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers down below!

What have you been up to this week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

It just feels like this week should be celebrated in pictures. It was a fun week! We had Elizabeth’s birthday party on Sunday and it was such fun! I recommend playground birthday parties for everyone. It required a bit of hauling and setting up, but it was really easy! And everyone seemed to have a good time.

But here are my favorite pics from the week!

We have to start with this one. It summarizes the whole big sister/little brother relationship.

Of course, that William sure is fun!

But we did manage to keep William away for one birthday on Elizabeth’s actual birthday. She is such a sweet girl!

And then this week we had GORGEOUS weather! It finally felt like fall! So we spent quite a bit of time outside in the backyard.

We have a little climber! She is rarely in this tree fort to just hang out. She’s always climbing!

We don’t have a lot of bright red leafed trees in our yard, BUT there are a few! And Elizabeth and I spent time hunting for them.

And do you know how hard it is to capture a picture of William these days?? But that little vest! HAHA it’s just so cute!

Today’s featured blogger is Anne from In Residence! Fun fact – her boy, Hendrick, and Elizabeth are just a few days apart! We’ve had fun over the last 4 years comparing milestones and stories! If you haven’t met Anne before, consider her your go-to person for cool, classic mom style, great book recommendations, and fun pinterest tries. I LOVE her latest post on decorating pumpkins with googly eyes. Genius. And if you have Michigan on your “must visit” list, check out Holland! Anne has a great post on what to do and see. Swing over and say hello to Anne!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Nicole says:

    What a fun week! And happy birthday to Elizabeth! My sister had her birthday party at the park when she was little and it was so fun! And William in that vest is too cute!

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