High Five for Friday #161 | The Fastest Week In History


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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers.

This was no doubt the fastest week in history. And I can’t say we did much!

1. Our weekend was……… a blur. I seriously can’t even remember what we did, other than go to church. I THINK we were low key…. ugh friends. The struggle is real over here. Here’s the perfect example of where my brain has been this week. I took some things to the dry cleaners on Wednesday. I dumped the clothes on the counter but then couldn’t find my wallet! I went rifling through everything, with William on my hip. I dug through the bag I carried the clothes inside… nothing! About 30 seconds later, I realized it was IN MY HAND! It’s like a “Where are my glasses??” scenario when they’re just on my head.

2. Did you know there is another animal live stream video thingy?? This time around it’s a bald eagle, and Elizabeth and I have been checking every day after quiet time. Did you know their eggs are blue? Speaking of bird watching, we spent a good 30 minutes sitting at a window watching our bird feeders. I bought Elizabeth a backyard birds book so we could identify what we were seeing, and we had so much fun! It was neat to observe which birds sat at the feeder to eat, while others got take out and flew back to the tree branch.

3. Did you have a fun Valentine’s day?? We did! It was filled with SO many donuts and treats. It was pretty low key here. I didn’t plan much other than some fun festive activities. Thankfully, sweet friends had the foresight to gather ingredients for chocolate fondue, so we got together to celebrate together! Let me tell you, fondue and preschoolers are a comical combination. HA!

4. I’ve been trying REALLY hard to focus on serious quality time with each kid this week. That’s probably why this week feels like a blur! All play all week! William has figured out how to say “shoe” and “walk”, and he knows if he puts those words together, it means something. So we did several neighborhood walks this week. He learned how to whack the ground with a stick, throw rocks (not the best idea), pick up a worm, and dig in the dirt. Perfect boy day!

5. Last night my husband and I had our usual Thursday night date. It was SO delightful! We tried a new to us restaurant, had a vegetarian server who knew exactly what to recommend, and we managed to use up our 2 hours of baby sitting time perfectly! We’ve been doing our weekly date night for a YEAR now. I’m so pleased with us! It took us some time to make the financial aspects of regular date nights work, as well as just keeping it consistent, but after one year of weekly date nights we’ve got it down to a wonderful science.

This week’s featured blogger is Meg from Borrowed Heaven! She lives in Charleston, SC, blogging about cooking adventures, living in Charleston, and everyday life. Are you planning a trip to Charleston? Meg is your tour guide! Want some new recipe inspiration? I love the sound of this sweet and spicy Korean beef dish, which I could EASILY make vegetarian! Swing over and say hello to Meg!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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